Increase sales and profit of your ecommerce storequickly and easily

We help ecommerce stores grow by hundreds of percent through performance advertising on social media and PPC systems. The results speak for us.

Jsme online marketingová a výkonnostní agentura specializující se na marketing pro eshopy a také na výkonnostní reklamu pro eshopy. Využíváme k tomu sociální sítě jako je Facebook reklama, TikTok reklama, Google PPC reklama. Zaměřujeme se na zvyšování obratů a zvyšování profitu.

We help eshops reach seven to eight figures in turnover

100+ clients

That's why we know what works and what your project needs.

We play fair and square

We describe things how they really are. This is good for your business.


This is the turnover we have generated for the eshops over the last few years.

Focus on eshops

We have experience with dozens of ecommerce stores.

$33,181 invested in ads and $296,661 turnover, 8,9 ROAS

Performance advertising, advanced marketing strategies and 10+ years of experience in social media and PPC advertising are our weapons. At Cernovsky Agency, we are obsessed with delivering the best results for our clients. Where AI (Artificial Intelligence) can help, we strive to use it to maximize efficiency. For example, copywriting, generating banner ads or even editing videos.

$104,330 invested in ads and $620,946 turnover, ROAS 5,95

We do not guarantee that our strategies will always work in all circumstances. Marketing is a complex discipline.

We guarantee that we will do everything possible to multiply your eshop’s sales.

$9,707 invested in ads and $65,648 turnover, ROAS 6,76

Our team includes TOP experts in managing Facebook and Instagram ads, TikTok ads, Google Ads and YouTube ads, and last but not least, experts who will edit your video ad to give it the best chance of success.

Some e-shops that we have helped to kickstart online advertising

Clients that trust us

I worked with Tom at the agency for many years. When I was looking for someone to manage our performance campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn at Feedyou, Tom was the obvious choice. Not only does he help us consult on possible approaches and solutions, but we essentially have a turnkey service. Since he has taken over our campaigns, performance has gone up dramatically. I can only recommend Tom, there are not many similar experts on the Czech market.

František Procházka, Prague
Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Feedyou

We addressed Mr. Cernovsky based on references to help us with campaign setup on social networks and Google Ads for our new project. We really appreciate straightforward approach and searching for innovative solutions. We value him especially for regular and thorough reports of campaign results, adhering to the deadlines, professional approach and help with planning of other strategies. We are glad that we found a reliable person, who we can count on.

Veronika Svobodová, Prague
Marketing Coordinator, (several e-commerce stores)

Are you ready to skyrocket your eshop's growth?

Your eshop

You have had months in which you have reached a turnover of $10,000 or more.


You are committed to building your brand online. You are determined to go all out.

Are you ready to invest

Without investment, there are no results. We will ask you to invest, this will allow us to test and deliver results.


We take on a maximum of 3 new clients per month and carefully screen them to guarantee 100% service delivery.

What does cooperation with us look like?

Are you fed up with agencies that work with anyone and don’t specialize in one field?

At Cernovsky Agency, we pride ourselves on delivering the best results for our clients, and with that comes industry knowledge that allows us to really follow the trends that are working and where the market is going.

We take away the whole process of setting up and optimizing your ads so you can focus on the more important areas of your business that you excel at and can’t outsource. We conduct market, audience and brand research, create ads, test campaign and ad setups, scale the best performing ads, optimize ads and track trends.

We have a team of editors on board to help you prepare your video ads – for the last few months, video ads have been working great!

We update you weekly on the progress and performance of your campaigns so you know exactly what’s happening with your ad.

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