Campaign management on social media and in PPC

Social media is full of stories, which are data with a soul

My target is performanceandbrand campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and other popular social media such as LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter or Snapchat. Google Ads and Sklik are no strangers to me either. I go further to other marketing areas and I am happy to give you advice also during consultations.

Performance and brand advertising

I will take care of your brand to be seen and profitable.

Conversion campaign

I will arrange high quality contacts of motivated clients for you


I have a broad experience from a multinational company and I am happy to pass it on to you

Medias that I pursue

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Google Ads a Sklik.

Why sell and strengthen your brand via social media?

Social media is thriving. The numbers of users say it all. An average person uses it for 2,5 hours a day. People search for inspiration, education, fun, they share stories, interesting moments from their personal and professional lives, explore new services and buy products. That is a huge opportunity for every entrepreneur, brand or big firm.

Building awareness and powerful selling tool

Social media can be used not only for building awareness of a product, a brand or a personal brand. It is also a powerful tool which brings effective results in the form of valuable contacts or eshop sales. It is not important just to be on social media but to be there right.

This is the key to success on social media and in PPC

After the first contact, we establish targets we want to reach in business = on social media and PPC We agree on the price for my work.

I  perform an audit of existing campaigns, which will lead to steps for improvement in the future.

We move to the technical set up of marketing managers to be sure that measuring, conversions, remarketing codes etc. are set right. Next step is creatives and text creation, therefore the advertisement itself.

We go for the correct campaign set up, algorithm choice, promotion, evaluation and optimization.

Case studies

Clients said about me

S Tomem jsem dlouhé roky pracoval v agentuře. Když jsem hledal někoho, kdo se nám ve Feedyou postará o správu performance kampaní na Facebooku a Linkedunu, tak byl Tom jasná volba. Pomáhá nám nejen konzultovat možné přístupy a řešení, ale máme v podstatě službu na klíč. Od chvíle, kdy se našich kampaní ujal, tak výkon razantně stoupl. Toma můžu jedině doporučit, podobných odborníků na českém trhu mnoho není.

František Procházka, Praha

Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Feedyou