About me

Data is the key to strengthening intuition. I am able to work with it in order to move your campaigns on social media and PPC into the right direction.

Jsem Tomáš Černovský alias cernovsky.cz a jsem specialista na sociální sítě, které také konzultuji. Dále se realizuji ve správě reklamy v PPC systémech jako je Google Ads a Sklik. Mezi mé hlavní hodnoty patří tvrdá práce, upřímnost a také efektivita.

Honesty at all costs

Honesty must work both ways no matter what. It may even hurt a little, but only constructive communication makes sense.

Hard work

Only hard work can generate results, it's not gonna do it by itself. You can count on me with that.

Perfect efficiency

I try to effectively use your every penny when I work on your campaigns.

Social media and PPC specialist

Doing advertising on social media and PPC without any further purpose is bullshit. Advertising has to generate results and profit, otherwise it’s just a waste of money. I am here for you to do it right.

Sportsman and coffee lover

Come from Mlada Boleslav, living in Prague. Sport has always been a huge part of my life. I used to play hockey, football, floorball and do athletics. I still got it in me. Nowadays I like going to the gym, cycling or just for a walk. To be cool, be able to work hard on one hand and relax on the other, that’s a crucial base for everyday life as much as for work. Thanks to that I acquired qualities that participate in successful projects. And the best reward? A cup of really good coffee.

Numbers that I am proud of

0 years
of marketing practice
0 - figure
budgets entrusted from clients
0 +
successfully completed projects

My life’s not spinning only around social media, get to know me better

Good coffee lover

Drink it everyday. Good quality coffee makes me happy, but instant coffee from my grandma is fine by me too.

Sportsman in the body and soul

Used to play hockey, floorball, football and do javelin throwing. Nowadays I workout and cycle.

Technology enthusiast

Smart watch, Apple products, apps, social networks, technological tools. That’s my stuff.

They say about me…

Specialists I can vouch for

I have learned a lot of things during those 9 years in marketing. One of them is that when you specialize in something, you should leave the other work to the experts. Here are those I can rely on and am working on clients’ projects.

Nikolaj Bezrodný

Ad Operations Lead (RTB/PPC)

Jakub Piskora

PPC Senior Consultant & Team Lead

Petr Toman

Web Developer

Lukáš Tuček

Majitel LT Detailing, Senior SoMe Manager & Front End Developer

Lubomír Takáč

Graphic Designer & UX Designer